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10 Most Common Food Allergies Nowadays


Millions of Americans are suffering from allergies of food and there’s a difficulty on their part to enjoy a slice of birthday cake in the office or eating foods in a party since it might be risky for them to eat the food that shouldn’t be. It helps when they notify hosts, co-workers, restaurant, and friends but it would be better if they understand where the possibly harmful ingredients could be found (and the name they’re called) for them to avoid any mishaps.

Why do allergies in food occur? For some indefinite reasons, if the immune system of yours mistakenly recognized a significant food as dangerous to your health, cells triggers to release IGE (Immunoglobulin E) antibodies for the allergen to be neutralized. If you eat this food next time, histamine will then be released into the bloodstream by IgE that will cause itchiness in hives to stomach upsets (which is unpleasant).

Even though between the line of food intolerance and food allergies is often unclear, allergy symptoms will come up immediately after eating not later than 2 hours after consumption and the symptoms might occur regardless, on the other hand, food intolerance depending on its type, may still allow you to enjoy amounts of food in small amount without any issues. In some instances, those who suffer lactose intolerance, as they age, eating a small amount will not give them reactions, but eating creamy burrata’s plate might not give you the best result.

Children in young age are the most affected by food allergies, and 90% of some of the allergies approximately are caused by eight foods such as eggs, cow’s milk, peanuts, soy, wheat, tree nuts, and shellfish. It’s a must and essential for you to take precautions in avoiding food that gives you allergic reactions. It may sound easy to avoid these allergic foods; however, a lot of package and processed foods may confuse the decipher. The label must be read and its necessary, even if the food may not include egg in the ingredients, it may still contain an ingredient which is a product of an egg that may cause the flare-up of your allergy. But no need to worry for those who are addicted to food, there are several ways for this for labels to be listed so you’ll know what food you’ll eat and to look out for.


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Milk made some of the bodies good. A lot of mistakes are made when a milk allergy is compared to lactose intolerance. Symptoms may be similar, but milk allergy arises when the immune system of the body abnormally reacts in milk proteins while in lactose intolerance occurs in digestive issues of the body that results for the certain enzymes to unable to break down. You can talk to an allergist for you to be able to know the difference. Allergy in milk is often seen in infants and soon outgrow it in later years. Nevertheless, for those people who brought allergy in their adulthood, you must beware of the processed foods since some properties and the content which is high protein in milk and make the ingredients “ideal”.

Alternative: In considering the choices in milk alternatives, there are some options and it’s advisable to follow the advice of an allergist to give the best option for you. For some, the allergies are limited to cow’s milk, and drinking milk another animal may be enough. Soy milk is a well-known alternative, but then you should drink in caution since soy allergies are also common. Coconut milk is another alternative because it’s nondairy but creamy and stir it completely because the taste is overpowering.


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