10 Yoga Poses To Ease Constipation And Be A Smooth Operator


    Constipation can be uncomfortable and frustrating, but yoga could be the answer to your problems! Sounds too good to be true? Asanas or poses like inversions, twisting poses, and forward bends could help massage your abdomen and digestive organs from the outside. Yoga can also help boost oxygen circulation and blood flow, easing the movement of stools through your body. What’s more, yoga is a great way to destress. So if your constipation problems are linked to stress, this could be your way out. You should notice your bowel movements settling into a regular pattern once you begin to practice such asanas regularly.

    So which of the vast pool of asanas are best for your purpose? We have rounded up some of the best twists, bends, and poses to relax your body and give your digestive system that little nudge it needs. These may even help you manage the pain or discomfort associated with constipation.

    2Baddha Konasana Or Butterfly Pose

    Image result for Baddha Konasana


    Forward bends are an excellent way to aid digestion, so here’s a look at one that should help you. You should see bloating associated with constipation come down with the butterfly pose. Painful cramps or gas is also relieved with this asana. In addition, the butterfly pose is a stress-buster which is great for your digestion overall.


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