4 Pros And Cons Of Getting Pregnant In Your 30s


    How many times have you heard your mom saying that conceiving in your 20s is the best? Or the people around you say that pregnancy post 30 is not a good idea?

    All said and done, is getting pregnant after 30 really not advisable? Or is all that just a myth? This post will give you the answers!

    A lot of factors determine your planning a baby in your 30s. A lucrative job offer, growing career curve, family responsibilities, etc. are some of the factors that influence your decision. However, studies indicate that it is always better to opt for pregnancy in the early 30s than in the late 30s when conceiving gets difficult. As you approach your mid-30s, it gets more challenging to get pregnant.

    If you are 30 and are planning to have a baby, it would be useful to gather more information surrounding the idea. In this post, we discuss everything you need to know about getting pregnant after you turn 30 – the pros and cons of getting pregnant at this age, important measures to take and few facts you must know before you conceive.

    1Pros About Pregnancy In the 30s:

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    Below are some important aspects that support your timing to conceive after reaching 30 :

    1. By this time, you are already or almost settling in a successful career.
    2. It is the perfect time to get pregnant as you would be financially stable and self-sustaining.
    3. You are now in a position to maintain your finances.
    4. The plans for the future would be more concrete as you have already laid the foundation.
    5. You would have embarked on a meaningful journey with your partner, greeting the idea of togetherness with many vacations, adventures, and getaways.
    6. You are more energetic and full of stamina in your 30s. A perfect time to nourish a baby in your womb!
    7. The levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) grow as you age. There are more possibilities to conceive twins or multiples around this time.



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