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5 Ways To Keep Your Baby Smiling


Sometimes the most difficult thing to see is what is in front of your eyes! By this, we mean seeking solutions in a simple manner to what we think are complex problems. For instance, we assume quite often that keeping a baby happy and smiling throughout the day is a herculean task. Something that every mother would nod in agreement to. But that is not how it is. It is just that we tend to get too much into the nitty-gritty of things. And by doing so, we sometimes miss out on the most important basics. Here are 5 basic and simple ways that can help you keep your baby smiling:

1Get On The Dance Floor

Get On The Dance Floor

How often has it been that someone played a catchy tune and your baby started moving, even if he/she is yet to learn to stand properly? Such is the effect of music! Babies simply love music and may even show preference to a certain kind of genre. However, avoid extremely loud decibels or jarring music. Just turn on some soft or catchy music and dance away those blues. This is also another great way to bond with your baby apart from feeding. However, a word of caution here: do not try to put on earplugs or sound-canceling earphones on your baby’s delicate ears as this might prove to be harmful.



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