7 Meditations For Insomnia To Focus On While You’re Trying To Sleep


    Insomnia is kind of like an uninvited house guest who takes up residence on your couch indefinitely. It overstays its welcome, and there are few things worse than clock-watching your way until the sun comes up because you can’t sleep. If you’ve tried everything to get some shut eye, these meditations and mantras for insomnia are worth a go. If you sleep in the same bed with someone else and don’t want to fall asleep with headphones on, or apps just haven’t worked for you, there are other meditations you can do on your own that work a whole lot better than staring at the ceiling.

    Aside from being frustrating AF, according to the National Sleep Foundation, “Chronic insomnia (difficulty sleeping for three months or longer) may also lead to changes in mood, lack of motivation and energy, irritability, and more. When you’re drowsy, it may make you feel tense and preoccupied, and the worry over your inability to sleep can add to this.”

    Being unable to sleep might also make you dread going to bed each night. This is no way to live, and eventually you’re going to run out Netflix shows to watch as your insomnia persists. If you want to try a different approach, these insomnia meditations just might help you drift off to dreamland.

    1Cognitive Shuffling

    Cognitive shuffling is kind of like the updated version of counting sheep. While there is an app you can use for this called my Sleep  Button, this meditation can also be done app free. Created by Cognitive Scientist Luc Beaudoin of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, it’s pretty easy to do the cognitive shuffle, according to the my Sleep Button website.

    • Get into bed.
    • Next, think of a random, emotionally neutral word consisting of at least five letters. (How about Caboodle?)
    • After picking your word, gradually spell it out in your mind.
    • Next, for each letter of the word, think of a word that starts with that letter, and imagine the item represented by the word.
    • Repeat this for each letter until you run out of words. For example, the first letter is “B.” Words that start with the letter “B” are bath, book, baboon, etc. For each word you should be imagining a scene, for instance, reading your favorite book for the word “book.”



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