Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck


    There are moments in time when you know something terrible is about to happen but you can’t look away and there are moments in history that are seared into our minds but we never got to see what was happening the seconds before the tragedy. Many of these moments are great tragedies that changed the world with their far-reaching impacts with the aftermath usually being the first thing the media seizes upon.

    Here we have several photographs taken just before disaster struck to illustrate just how shocking, unexpected and tragic these moments can be.


    Much controversy surrounds the MH17 plane crash still as it plummeted 33,000 feet over Ukraine, crashing in a part of the country that is at war and killing all on board. It was shot down by a rocket but the debate rages still as to who fired the shot and to what end they wanted to do so. Was it a stray missile or a misidentification of the plane? Which side fired the weapon and was it government- backed?

    All these answers remain unclear, but this photograph shows a mother and daughter who were on the flight heading towards a vacation in Europe with the shot believed to be taken by the father. They would never reach their destination with crash investigators believing that those onboard were alive for the 3/4 minute drop into the ground.


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