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Top 10 Makeup Mistakes


Here are top 10 common makeup mishaps . How many have you done?

Even makeup mavens can make mistakes now and again.

Perhaps, the most common, according to beauty experts, is going overboard.

“Your makeup should never enter the room before you do,” says Rona Berg, author of Fast Beauty: 1,000 Quick Fixes (Workman Publishing).

The sexiest makeup is the application no one notices, she says.

So watch out for these 10 beauty blunders…

1Dark lip liner and light lipstick

Along with spandex and big hair, Berg says, “This is one look that should have stayed in the 80s.”

Here’s how to line lips the right way…

    • Choose a shade close to your natural lip color.
    • Line and color in your pucker, then top with sheer gloss.
    • If you use dark liner, like a red or berry shade, fill in your mouth completely, and top with clear gloss (not light lipstick).



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